Synq DMC-1000 Single-CDafspiller Expand

Synq DMC-1000 Single-CDafspiller



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Synq DMC-1000

USB-link: simultaneous playback from one USB-drive on 2 decks!
Q-DBase system: smart, fully featured database lookup system to find your tracks very easily, even on big hard disks!
Free Windows Q-DBase-builder software included.
The digital effects (echo, flange, filter) can be used manually or fully beat synchronized with presets.
Manual and beat synchronized loops with real-time loop edit and divide/extend functions
For each track up to 4 cue points and seamless loops can be stored/recalled at any moment
High precision scratch function and pitch bend, thanks to the touch sensitive jog wheel
Several jog wheel modes: vinyl, CDJ and A.CUE scratch!
2x 10character alphanumeric VFD-display shows all information, including ID3-tags & CD-text.
Fully customizable setup menu for MIDI and other functions.
Pitch control (+/-6%, 10%, 16%, 100%) also on MP3
Pitch lock (Master Tempo)
Reliable slot-in CD-mechanism
Instant reverse playback
Headphones output with adjustable volume.
Relay play allows consecutive playback on two decks
Fader start/stop (back cue), compatible with most professional DJ-brands.
S/PDIF digital audio RCA coaxial

Mål: (DxBxH): 296 x 218 x 104 mm

Vægt: 2,60kg

2.620,00 DKK


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